CLEBO means Clever Body

CLEBO technology provides non-invasive diagnostics and women’s health monitoring from the comfort of your home, simply using menstrual fluid.  It targets gynecologic cancers and disorders,  breast cancer,  sexually transmitted infections, and Alzheimer’s disease. It can also inform you of physiological parameters such as pH, glucose, cholesterol, ketones, and salts.

How Does it Work?

  • CLEBO will be a portable device 
  • A tampon or pad should be inserted inside of the device
  • Blood will be extracted by the plunger and delivered through a filtering system to the biosensor array module. 
  • When the analysis is completed, data will be  transferred by Bluetooth transceiver module to smartphone/laptop. 
  • Depending on sensory cartridge use, you can see disease diagnostics or health monitoring results.

CLEBO technology was born from the realization that there is a vast, unexplored area of using menstrual blood for women’s health and disease diagnostics. Menstrual blood, which contains a variety of organic and inorganic compounds, such as salts, metabolites, hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and pathogens, is a rich source of information. Physiological and pathological changes lead to changes in these components. Thus, the composition of menstrual blood is an efficient indicator of women’s physiology and diseases. This natural blood test is far more precise and specific than that of normal blood.
CLEBO technology aims to provide a portable device that will analyze your menstrual blood and send information to your phone or computer in minutes. No need to go to the lab, spend time and money, and then anxiously wait for days for the results.

CLEBO Technology

The CLEBO platform is based on our early developed and patented technology for chemical sensing successfully tested and validated for the past ten years by US Government agencies and private corporations. The core aspect of this is organic-inorganic nanocomposites enabling superior sensitivity and enhanced specificity due to a high interfacial area and special arrangements of porous layers. 
The CLEBO device employs similar nanocomposite structures, however, tuned to a recognition of specific biomarkers in menstrual blood. The inner walls of the pores will be functionalized by receptors sharply specific to the target biomarkers (e.g. pathogens, metabolites, enzymes). After signal processing, the data are transferred to a smartphone/laptop through a Bluetooth transceiver. The biosensor array module will be performed as an insertable cartridge containing several sensory elements tuned to pathogens (diagnostics) or metabolites/salts/ketones (health monitoring). A superior sensitivity enables the detection of the extra-low concentration of pathogens, which is critically important for early disease

Major advancements of CLEBO technology: 

  • Non-invasive, rapid test from the comfort of your home
  • Ultra-high sensitivity (ng/L detection range) due to the use of nanoporous composites 
  • High specificity of sensory elements
  • Integration of the sensory module with a printed circuit board 
  • Bluetooth transceiver resulting in lightweight, miniaturization, and capability for wireless communication with smartphone/computer.
  • Low total cost provided by long-term durability, low power consumption, and cost-effective production.