Emitech, Inc. is an established research and development firm specializing in the application of nanotechnology innovations for detection and diagnostics. The company’s mission is to deliver state-of-the-art technology solutions to both government and private sector clients.  

Emitech was funded by multiple government grants from NIH, NSF, US Army, US Navy, US Department of Homeland Security, Department of State and private contracts. 

We are currently applying organic nanomaterials and nanocomposites for new devices such as electrochemical nano-biosensors for narcotics detection, diagnostics of diseases, and chemosensors for explosives and toxic compounds detection.  

Our chemical nanosensors are designed for the detection of major explosive materials with extremely low vapor pressure and have been funded by the US Army, DHS, and DoS. The approach is based on nanosilicon photonic crystals infiltrated with sensory fluorescent organics resulting in superior sensitivity (picograms/particle per trillion range) along with excellent selectivity.  

The company developed its narcotics detection, when awarded Phase I (2020) and Phase II (2022) SBIR grants from, NIH/NIDA (National Institute of Health/National Institute on Drug Abuse), titled “Wearable sensor for opioids detection based on electrochemical sensor array integrated with Bluetooth device”.   The ultra-high sensitivity to opioids in sweat is achieved by utilizing bio-nanocomposites, the primary focus of our research.  

We are confident that our electrochemical sensors can attain superior limit of detection (LoD) (1 ng/mil and lower) in human sweat, saliva, and fentanyl-laced medications.  In addition, we have successfully developed rapid fentanyl test strip (FTS) with a LoD of 0.5 ng/ml which significantly lower than  FTS available on the market with LoD of 10-20 ng/ml. 

Emitech, Inc. has an excellent track record reflected in its I.P. portfolio, publication, patents, and various connections among industrial, business, and academic communities.