Emitech, Inc. is an established research and development firm specializing in the application of nanotechnology innovations. The company was founded in 2002 with a mission of delivering state-of-the-art technology to both government and private sector clients. We are working on the application of organic nanomaterials and nanocomposites for the development of new electronic devices such as chemical nanosensors, photodetectors, hybrid photovoltaics, transparent conductive coating, electro and optomechanical actuators. Emitech has multiple awards (SBIR Phase I and Phase II program) from different government agencies (DoD-Army, DoD-Navy, NSF, DoS, DHS) and contracts with private companies. One example of innovative technologies developed by our company is chemical nanosensors for the detection of major explosive materials with extremely low vapor pressure such as TNT, RDX, and PETN. This technology is based on nanoporous photonic crystals infiltrated with sensory fluorescent organics. Also, our R&D efforts in the carbon nanotube photoconductivity and hybrid photovoltaics resulted in several projects sponsored by the government. One of the Phase II SBIR project is related to mid/far IR detectors and hybrid photovoltaics based on carbon nanotubes. We were the first to discover and develop a unique photo-actuating device made from carbon nanotubes and ionomeric polymers that demonstrate a significant mechanical response under the illumination of visible light.

Emitech, Inc has excellent track records as reflected in its IP portfolio, publication, patents and various connections among academic and industrial communities. The list of Emitech's former and current collaborators and partners include the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at UMass- Dartmouth, the University of Rhode Island, ALERT (Research Program DHS, Center of Excellence), Albany Nanotech at SUNY, Lehigh University, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Smiths Detection, Implant Science, FLIR/Nomadics, Boeing, SubChem, Sarnoff Corp., Solaris Nanoscience, BCO, Nanocs, and other companies and institutions.